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Why is it better Hair plantation in Turkey?


Why is it better plantation in Turkey?
People living in Europe, America and the Middle East are asking this question and wondering the answer. They see hair transplant ads. Come now your vision why these ads, and why cevaplandıral the turkey questions you have in mind for hair transplantation.

Turkey’s continuous technological background of the plantation is.

-Doctors in Turkey are gaining knowledge and experience constantly due to an excessive number of hair transplant patients. New devices and new procedures are constantly gained to give better results. Turkey conventional doctors are working with more traditional methods of hair transplantation surgery.

-When you go to a European hair transplant clinic, they will tell you the price per graft. This is the price list such as 1 graft 1.5 $ or 1 graft 2.5 $. Let us explain for this condition. If there is a need for 4500 grafts, the average fee requested from the patient is 9000 €. However, if the patient has no money, this need will not be met. This means bad hair transplantation results. Let’s explain this issue more explanatory in our economic article.

-It is much more than the prices in Europe and America, Turkey price.

As we mentioned in our article below, hair transplantation prices in Europe and America are generally according to the graft options.
As the number of grafts increases in hair transplantation, the time spent in the surgery is toss, so it is quite logical for the doctors to choose such a pricing. However, it is a matter of discussing whether this situation is ethical or not.

plantation in Turkey only pricing varies depending on the technique used for surgery. The number of grafts planted is 500 or 5000 and the price is the same.
Hair transplantation price in America can range from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000. In Turkey, the average is between $ 1500 and $ 2000. This price includes accommodation and transfers.
The cheap price is the biggest factor is that Turkey’s preference.

The opportunity to tour sights after hair transplantation

When you have hair transplantation, it is enough to rest 1 night. Opportunities to visit the historical and touristic area of ​​Istanbul the next day.
better cause hair transplantation in Turkey?
People are going to Turkey for hair removal and restoration? We hope we were able to answer these questions, Have a Good Day

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