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The best technique in hair transplant

The best technique in hair transplant

Today, hair transplant treatment is applied to eliminate problems such as intensive hair loss and hair rarity. Various methods of hair transplantation have been tried for years. Some methods can be applied to hair follicles in a very short period of time.

However, the best method of hair transplantation by taking the answer to the question of the best technique to reach healthy hair by researching those who need to decide.
Hair Transplantation Methods
In hair transplantation,
they are taken from groups where the hair is dense and strong or individually by taking hair roots and left to designated places in the hairless region ، and also its possible to do unshaved hair transplantation

• FUE hair transplantation
• IceGraft hair transplantation
• PRP hair transplantation
• DHI hair transplantation
• Gold-tipped planting

transplantation are used. Among these methods, the material situation of the person and the general characteristics of the hair are taken into consideration which one to apply.
Although many methods have been tried in hair transplantation in recent years, hair transplantation performed by hair styling experts with Choi Pen is preferred more frequently.

Best Hair Transplant Choi Pen
Choi Pen is the best method of hair transplantation. This method, developed in Korea, enables hair transplantation with the help of a pen by the Kyungpook National University. Thanks to this method, which is prepared in a shorter time than other hair transplantation methods, planting is done in sparse areas.

• Donors from strong hair follicles are placed in the pen used for hair transplantation.
• The new hair follicles in the pen will be placed one by one and correctly in the area where the plantation will be performed. The basic principle is not to damage the hair roots, hairs and other hair during insertion.
• During hair transplantation, hair is transplanted with Choi pen, paying attention to the direction of hair growth.
• With the Choi pen, you can choose between 5-10 pens and 15-20 different tips according to the hair

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