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Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best places in the world is doing successful step in the field of health tourism is also located in the first row on the plantation.

The plantation outside the successes and abroad show the implementation of the treatment because of the advantages it offers to people from Turkey last year, 60,000 people came to the plantation for their work.

Each year, further increasing the potential for plantation services Turkey continues to maintain the plantation throne.

History of Hair Restoration in Turkey
On plantation in 1990 is one method that has been implemented in Turkey. The methods applied in hair transplantation, which has become a starting point for people who have hair problems in our country, have started to develop after this date.

Due to demand more in line with technological developments in the progressive plantation Turkey has reached a leadership position in the world right now.
Besides the presence of hair transplantation centers in various provinces of Turkey Istanbul, known as the central plantation.

Today, there are more than 350 hair transplantation services in Istanbul only, and there are health institutions that successfully carry out this work in big cities like İzmir and Ankara.
Location Leader in Hair Transplant in Turkey Why?

  • Confidence
    hair transplantation experts in Turkey gives information about the details of the services they provide to patients from both experience them. In particular, this process many applications featured hair transplant specialist with the experience they have gained in confidence due to the formation prefers to Turkey.
  • Prices
    Turkey plantation consists of prices quite affordable option compared to other countries. given 15 thousand dollars in American plantation service it can cost just $ 1,500 in Turkey. In addition to the favorable price, many tourists choose our country for tourist trips.
  • Success Rates
    Great success is achieved in the hair transplantation process applied in our country. If people are satisfied with the successful plantation when they go abroad they’re telling this success has made Turkey’s ads.

Every year, Turkey is experiencing the influx of foreign tourists not only because of the success stories.

Hair transplantation is more like Turkey’s role in the monitoring of technological developments and offered quality services from abroad because many people can come to our country by organizing medical plantation tours.

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