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What is DHI Technique with Hair Transplant

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What is DHI Technique?

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) treatment, which is one of the methods used in hair transplantation, is also known as unshaved hair transplantation. DHI,is actually preferred by many people because it is more advantageous and painless than other methods.

DHI Hair Transplantation Method

DHI hair transplantation, how to do this method with a variety of questions to people who want to try this method in almost every clinic by private interviews are given information about this method. For DHI hair transplantation, hair is not shaved as in other methods. Grafts taken from the nape of the unshaved area are placed in a short time.
For methods other than DHI hair transplantation, it takes a long time for many procedures such as shaving the hair, determining the area to be transplanted and removing hair follicles from the nape. However, the hair follicles taken from the nape with DHI are placed in the region to be sown without waiting for a long time.
During the DHI hair transplantation, holes are not re-opened so that the hairless areas can be transplanted. Because of this aspect, hair is planted in a short time thanks to the DHI method known as painless. In addition, because the hair is transplanted without opening the hole, instead of adding a plurality of hair follicles to a single hole, a plurality of hair follicles are added to each point of the balding region. Thanks to this aspect, hair has a denser appearance and can grow in a healthier way.
How is DHI Hair Transplantation Done?

  • Grafts taken from the back of the head are classified according to their characteristics and areas to be placed before planting.
  • Special incisions are prepared at the point where hair transplantation will be performed and the regions where hair transplantation will be made are made ready for placement of grafts.
  • The question of how to do DHI hair transplantation is caught by most people. As in some methods, hair follicles are not planted on a single line at the same time. Each graft is placed individually on the hair follicle. Because of this feature, hair transplantation is done to the entire balding region.
  • All hair follicles can be reached in hair transplantation with the help of needles and more frequent hair transplantation can be performed.

Hair Transplantation with DHI TechniqueDHIDHI Transplantation method
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