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Cost of Hair Transplantation

Cost of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is preferred by many people today due to reasons such as hair loss or hair sparse.

Its depending with the situation of the person who wants to do hair transplantation

Depending on the demand for hair transplantation and hair transplantation techniques applied, prices may change.

The cost of hair transplantation can vary according to the hair structure and amount of hair to be transplanted.
Criteria Determining Cost of Hair Transplantation

*Applied Method
One of the most cost-effective issues in hair transplantation is which method will be applied. If you prefer advanced technology with the latest technology, prices may rise. If you use classical methods in hair transplantation, a general price can be issued. In addition, various methods involve the use of various needles and chemical products. Due to the difference in prices of these products, prices may change in hair transplantation cost.

*Hair Transplantation Area
Some people have more balding areas in hair transplantation. Because of the fact that the number of grafts to be sown is higher, the cost of the procedures will increase. However, the less hairless area to be transplanted is one of the factors that will help to reduce the cost.

*Hair Transplant Experience
The cost of hair transplantation may change due to the experience of the institution that will provide hair transplantation service and the expert who will make hair transplantation in this field. Experts with high success rates may have higher prices.
How Much Are Hair Transplantation Costs?
The cost of hair transplantation, which is closely related to the people who will receive hair transplantation service, can vary between 1500-3000 dollars in the best hospitals in our country. These procedures, which are applied at a price between 1500-2000 dollars for 4000 grafts, are valid for people coming from abroad.

In our country, in some clinics, this treatment can be applied to very low fees as TL. Some hair transplant clinics provide accommodation for patients from abroad or from outside the city, as well as a variety of services.

Additional services cause higher costs.
When determining hair transplantation prices, you can learn how much your hair transplantation cost will be through the pre-form you send to hospitals. You can also find a suitable method and hair transplant specialist for hair transplantation by conducting cost research.


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