Our company, which made a rapid start in the construction materials market with the import of granite from abroad in 2001, has been included in the monopolized crystal mosaic import business as a breath of fresh air since the beginning of 2004. Our company, which has prepared the cornerstones of the process until it will come in a very short time with its new patterns and affordable price policy in the import of Crystal Mosaics, has been in the lane with the motto "The Strongest Stock, The Most Reasonable Price, The Best Material" in the Crystal market in a short period of 4 years. has carried it higher among the companies.

In 2009, our company made another big step in reaching the consumer by making an agreement with the biggest chain of building markets in our country, and with the commissioning of glass mosaic production facilities in İkitelli in 2010, it strengthened its place in the Mosaic Market not only as an importer but also as a manufacturer.

When today's bride is Turkey, which has the largest glass mosaic stock and providing hundreds of dealers to create a service network clients with quality materials at affordable rates with, without compromising vision, in addition to meeting the demand in the domestic market, also submitted their products in the efficient operation result in the production line in the overseas market.

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