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Although hair transplantation is a method that has been in existence for many years in our country, our country has gained experience in this field within the scope of health tourism from abroad.

In addition, hair transplantation centers are frequently opened in many different regions since the point of view of hair transplantation process in our country has been changed in recent years.

It is very important that the situation expected from a hair transplantation center is primarily functional.

Our center, which has gained popularity with its convenient, functional purpose and aesthetic value hair transplant centers, is highly specialized in this subject.

Within the scope of the service we have provided for 10 years, all of these services that we provide with a professional perspective are performed under the control of the physician.

We are working with the same sensitivity as a company specialized in beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation.
We provide a reliable and professional service to our patients by creating a sterile environment in our fully equipped hair transplantation center.

The services provided by our hair transplantation center are listed below.

  • Hair Transplantation
  • Mustache Transplantation
  • Beard Transplantation
  • Eyebrow Transplantation
  • Mesotherapy Treatment

Our hair transplantation techniques performed under the leadership of our specialist doctors are listed below.

Hair Transplantation Techniques
  • Fue Hair Transplant Technique
  • DHI Hair Transplant Technique
  • Sapphire technique
  • Ice Graft Technique

Each of the mentioned techniques and methods constitutes the methods which vary according to the individual request and need.

As hair transplantation center, methods and techniques suitable for skin type and dermatological characteristics of the region to be transplanted are applied.

All of our physicians working in our hair transplantation center have dermatologically specialized areas.

In line with the seminars and trainings they have received on the latest planting techniques and the use of technological tools, a comprehensive center has been developed for ten years and continuously developed.

In this way, we try to respond to the calls of our patients both in Turkey and abroad in the most ideal way.

Hair transplantation is not only a matter of desire. At the same time, it is a system that will cause the person to feel good psychologically, and it helps to prevent the problems caused by lack of hair, run, mustache and beard due to various reasons or congenital features.

In this way, this situation, which is important for people to regain their physiological and psychological states and to make them feel good, does not go through long periods of time to cause fear or frustration.

You can find all kinds of conditions and factors expected from a hair transplantation center. In addition, in terms of physician assurance and follow-up of the work performed, it is possible to provide condition follow-up after sowing or dermatological testing at our center.

You can find the opportunity to work in a sterile environment as a hundred percent but with the most ideal form in our center. It is possible to find both a guaranteed result and a reliable hair transplantation or dermatological treatment process in our center after the work is done.

With 10 years of unmatched experience, our physicians, who are specialized in their fields, are still closely following the latest technology to improve themselves. As a hair transplantation center, we receive the training of every new technological development and apply it in our clinic.

With the aim of providing long-term solution solution support in the field of hair transplantation, we are taking a step further with this institution and applying the innovations brought by technological developments within our organization. We can overcome dermatologic traumas that can be solved with a single session.

We eliminate the most difficult and closest analytical processes from being a problem with a few sessions. In addition to meeting the needs of hair care, we also perform hair transplantation processes properly. Each patient needs different types of treatment. In addition, every patient is entitled to new methods.

For this purpose, we present our studies to our patients and relatives. We provide you with the highest quality service to realize all your dreams in order to achieve a suitable result to the wishes of the people.

Painless anesthesia is used without any pain. In this way, people do not know what the pain is the finest and most special hair transplantation techniques.

Since the application of the latest methods is based on a person-based process, professional and comprehensive and detailed works are performed in line with the methods performed in our hair transplantation center.